Visit ancient religious sites on breathtaking mountain cliffs in Hawaii, where whales, dolphins, turtles, and the deepest wildest ocean area on earth welcome all.  You will never be more isolated on Earth, you will be at the furthest west location of the United States, and you will feel more connected to the spiritual world than you could ever imagine.  Ask and you will receive in this location, where spectacular sea life comes too close and becomes personal.  This is our favorite location on earth, where human souls are said to enter and leave our reality through portals on opposite side of this garden island.  Do not miss visiting this island, and don't forget your swimwear.  We lived on Kauai for 15 years, and the winters are unimaginably beautiful.  You will be healed of all issues you have here, no question.  Just ask mother nature out loud while eating noni and offering a gift of true love to another person. Always expect the best from God, because you are her child, and she loves you more than your parents ever could.

In order for us to study the stars and play in the ocean sand at night, we will be camping on 2 of the 7 nights of this trip.  We will be visiting beach sites daily and swimming very close to whales, dolphins, turtles, colorful fish, and monk seals.


Kauai 7-day ocean wildlife tour

May 10th, 2018 start date: May 10th 2018 start date

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    Immersing travelers into a wealth of learning and adventure found only in ancient Peloponesus, Adesium immersion ecotours offer a week of experiences like no other.  Sign up to join us today, your satisfaction is guaranteed., or your money back, as with all our products.

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