Dear honored guests,


Aristotle and Plato, in writing the first book on psychology at the first university of Athens, created a method of teaching where they asked questions, as they walked through the fruit orchards of the campus.  Through the answers from students, the leader determined what was necessary to be discussed, in order for them to continue on to a higher level in their learning experience.


We will learn, using this Aristotelian teaching technique, in a 5-day series, to:


    •    Recognize and stop all your negative ideas that affect you

    •    Control your thoughts

    •    Keep yourself in the greater common energy flow

    •    Direct your thoughts and attention towards your goals

    •    Recognize and break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns

    •    Consciously create as optimum a lifestyle as you have dreamed it could be

    •    Understand who you are as an eternal being

    •    Lower stress levels and minimize anxiety

    •    Change your relationship to everything

    •    Open your heart, heal yourself, find joy and sense a greater connection to everyone

    •    Decrease emotional and physical pain


Several very specific tools and techniques will be shared to help you get beyond the false personal needs and Wake Up to who you are.  These include:


    •    Ancient Greek Medicine

    •    Ancient Hawaiian Healing Methods

    •    Traditional Chinese Medical Techniques



This course is for you if you:


    •    Have habits, emotions and patterns from the past

    •    Take negative comments personally

    •    Are in emotional or physical pain

    •    Find yourself sometimes confused or unable to easily make decisions

    •    Are sometimes in unfulfilling relationships, including friends and family

    •    Have trouble following through to completion of your goals or pursuing what you want

    •    Desire to deepen your love for self, partner, and others

    •    Desire to create deep and permanent peace and tranquility in you and your family

    •    Feel stuck in your current experience of life

    •    Want to create a new reality where success, joy and healing await you


The environment in Greece that we have chosen for this course is specifically capable to clear our minds of the false concepts we have learned since childhood.  It is a place with no other people, cars, trains, web access, and factory-made objects.  You will be walking on ancient rock paths, and all your material needs including food and drinks will be satisfied by our staff.  We will transport your bag and toothbrush to the next area we will be camping at, along with our bedding for your use. We will be walking on ancient footpaths for over three hours a day. Please bring an extra pair of appropriate footwear. Please also bring one set of all white clothes for ceremonies.


Our methods of healing yourself are in line with many ideas found in most major religions of today, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhist, Hinduism, and Judaism.  They focus on the non-scientifically explainable healing techniques involving the continuum between spiritual and physical worlds.  Those who do not believe in the scientifically unprovable methods considered in this learning series are welcome to join us in discovering the power of consciously moving energy using our words, thoughts, and physical actions.


Sunday 22nd: meeting at Kalamata Castle Center at 4 pm - drive to Ano Melpeia - group circle work at camping area

Monday 23rd: Qi Gong - walking to Agia Theodora - lunch at Agia Theodora - walking to Rizovracho - sleeping at Rizovracho

Tuesday 24th: dynamic meditation - walk to top of the mountain - lunch - walk to top of the higher mountain - dinner and greek dancing

Wednesday 25th: walk to Agios Nicolaos - lunch - walk to Castle of Crebeni - breathing circle

Thursday 26th: massage group work - walking to waterfall - walking to Kube - ecstatic dance in the evening

Friday 27th: driving to Ancient Messini - Vulkano monastery - additionally monastery


Please let us know if you have any special needs, such as allergies, medications, apnea machines, dietary needs, daily cell phone use (there will be only internet access on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a short period of time)


We wish you safe and fun travels, filled with remarkably fascinating learning experiences.


James, Cornelia and Eleni


Learn to Heal Yourself, 5-day Immersion Ecotour

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