Full week immersion into a new beginning, where less material means more spiritual and physical development.  As a team, we will be learning to control our bodies for endurance, focus, balance and team cooperation.  Guarunteed to get you ready for any upcoming challenge.  Lessons in history will also be taught in this course, in order to gain insight into the political lögic of the world, including the 4000 years of Spartan cultural wisdom, a psychological analysis of the current and historic happenings that everyone needs to be aware of today.  

Spartan Training Week

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  • This course is for all ages, although minors under 11 have to have special permission from their adult caretakers.  Immersion into a highly challenging course for your development of endurance, balance, and strength.  All food and bedding will be provided, just bring a couple extra training outfits.  Training includes much more than physical, as described in detail in the daily schedule.

  • If not completely satisfied with your purchase, all your money will be returned to you immediately.  This way, you are reassured that you can join this session with confidence.